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Our Craft - Perfecting Bespoke Tailoring

Dive deep into our world of bespoke tailoring where in-house production and research & development converge, ensuring every piece is perfect for you.


Choose Us For Exquisite Personalised Style - Common Suits

In-House Brilliance We own the process from start to finish, with an in-house production facility right at our store. Your suit, your vision, our meticulous expertise.
Crafted for You Our artisans don't cut corners, they cut by hand. Each bespoke suit is tailored to perfection, draped in comfort, and exuding elegance.
Signature Standard Our obsession with quality leaves no room for compromise. Every customisation, from fabric selection to final fit, adheres to the highest tailoring standards.
Our Signature Style Think masculinity, timelessness, and modernity. A suit designed to celebrate your physique, complete with freedom of movement and impeccable style.
Versatile Elegance From boardroom power to life's celebrations, we've got your back with a diverse range of design selections.

Elevate your style. Elevate yourself. Choose Common Suits for a bespoke experience beyond compare.

Common Suits: Your Luxury Custom Tailor in Singapore

Discover the epitome of bespoke tailoring in Singapore, where every garment is a harmonious blend of premium quality and masculine elegance.

Custom Tailoring Process For You

Embark on a sartorial voyage with Common Suits, where meticulous bespoke tailoring meets your unique essence, tailored exclusively for you.

Personal Consultation

A dialogue of understanding begins. We listen to your desires and introduce you to our range of materials specifically chosen for the Southeast Asian climate.

First Fitting, Subsequent Fitting

Experience a bespoke garment tailored around you. Our initial and subsequent fittings tailor and refine your garment, ensuring the masculine silhouette that is our signature.

Final Production

Your tailored piece, born from a combination of bespoke tailoring and innovative techniques, is crafted in our in-house production facility, ensuring the pinnacle of quality and fit.

Pick Up

Collect a piece that is not just a garment but a statement of your personality, all thanks to our bespoke tailoring approach.

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Explore our range of garments we can tailor for you, where you can find a design that's distinctly yours.


With a nod to timeless elegance, our shirts provide unmatched comfort, reflecting our reputation as the leading custom tailor Singapore has to offer.


Tailored exclusively for you, no two bespoke suits are alike. Each suit is a testament to premium quality and craftsmanship. Unlike off-the-rack options, our bespoke tailoring involves crafting a unique pattern for each individual. With meticulous measurements capturing every nuance, from shoulder slope to posture, your bespoke suit is a true reflection of your distinct style and physique.


Experience comfort beyond compare with our lightweight and comfortable soft canvas construction, ensuring an ideal fit even in the Southeast Asian heat. Our jackets, individually tailored with this unique approach, guarantee a bespoke fit that's crafted based on your specific measurements and preferences.


Whether you're conquering the boardroom or strolling through life's milestones, our bespoke trousers become an extension of your unique persona, making a statement with every step you take.


Exude casual elegance with our made-to-measure polos, crafted from 100% cotton and piqued cotton. Leveraging a process that involves fine-tuning a pre-made pattern and adapting it to your specific measurements, indulge in the timeless allure of our tailored polos, each a tribute to the rich history of this iconic garment.


Meticulously tailored from premium wool, these bespoke waistcoats not only add a touch of vintage charm to your attire but also showcase your distinctive sense of style.

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