Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash and clean the mask?

Washing face masks is as important as wearing them. Not discharging and disinfecting them properly may lead to bacteria growth and spread of viruses. The CDC recommends washing your mask at least once a day. It should be washed typically when you are done with it. Avoid touching your face and wash your hands before and after. An article from Straits Time suggests “to wash the mask once a day with warm water and soap, and wring it gently to dry. It should be air dried, and not in the sun, as the colour could run and may destroy the fabric and filtering capabilities.” We will recommend using an anti-microbial/viral coating spray to disinfect your masks.

How many times can I wear the reusable mask?

Up to 30 times.

Can I still use the mask after the water-resistant property has worn off?

Yes, you may. The water resistant property will wear off after 30 washes. It is not meant to be a permanent coating where it blocks off the pores of the fabric as that will make it unbreathable. It will behave like a regular cloth mask after the coating has worn off.

Is the inbuilt filter replaceable?

It is not replaceable as it is already sewn-on and sandwiched in the mask.

Can I insert an additional filter to the mask?

Yes, you may. There is a pocket where you can slot in a filter of your choice.

The mask is a little loose for me, what should I do?

The ear loops are adjustable, hence you may tighten the mask a little to make it more fitted to your face.