For every gentlemen, there will be a point in life where he has to purchase and own a suit. Alike many others, having their very first tailored suit done may pose to be a vexing process.

Furthermore, the pressure increases as he finds himself faced with the challenge of deciding on the perfect suit best tailored to his needs, and how to achieve the most mileage of out it.

After all, a suit is the essential outfit in every men’s wardrobe. Getting a suit is in fact a long term investment, and not just a mere decision to be taken lightly.

He will have to take into consideration the potential functionality of his suit and how in the various possible occasions where the need for it arises before the purchase.

And if you haven’t already guessed, the determining factor which greatly attributes to its practicality is the colour. Despite so, the fit, type/style and design are just as crucial and should not be neglected in the selection process.

Following on, this prompts the question:


Charcoal Grey.

Charcoal grey is a timeless and elegant colour which can be worn in almost any occasion – Accompanying a man’s journey from his graduation to his working life, to his wedding day and finally to his deathbed.

Charcoal grey could add on years, thus downplaying the frivolous and flippant vibes commonly associated with youth. This enhances the maturity and stability in the younger men. Furthermore, given the sophistication of charcoal grey, it has the ability to project a sense of authority without compromising on style.

Being on the grayscale, charcoal grey is comparatively softer in contrast to black. Thus, a charcoal grey suit works well with a broader spectrum of colour combination as compared to a black suit. While your safest bet is to wear black shoes with a charcoal suit, one advantage that charcoal has over black, is that you may also pair brown shoes with a charcoal suit in a dark shade, like oxblood for an elegant look.

Also, the charcoal grey colour complements a fairly wide range of skin tones. It particularly favours individuals who are mid to high contrast. For more information on this topic, you may read it here. Most Asian men will fall under this category (dark hair and fair/medium skin tone), and the charcoal grey suit will work very well to complement the contrast level of such individual.

Undoubtedly, charcoal grey is a wise essential colour choice for every gentlemen looking to invest in his very first tailored suit.

03 Aug 2022


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