Timeless Casual Suits for Men

Common Suit’s casual suits are designed and crafted to offer a blend of comfort and sophistication. Discover the perfect balance between relaxed and refined as we give you bespoke casual suits that redefine effortless elegance.

Feel Comfortable Yet Confident in Our Men’s Casual Suits

Crafted to exude a sense of relaxed refinement, our casual suits for men are the epitome of modern versatility. Whether you're attending a weekend soirée, a semi-formal gathering, or simply aiming to upgrade your everyday ensemble, we can tailor a custom suit to effortlessly elevate your appearance. Give your wardrobe a dash of timeless style by having a casual suit custom-made by our expert tailors at Common Suits today.

Casual Suits

Casual suits are crafted to seamlessly merge comfort and style. Unlike formal suits, they embrace a more relaxed aesthetic, allowing for a laid-back yet polished look. These suits typically feature lighter fabrics, softer constructions, and a more natural silhouette, making them ideal for events that call for a sophisticated touch without the rigidity of traditional formal wear.

Our bespoke men’s casual suits find their stride on various occasions where comfort meets style. From garden weddings and cocktail parties to upscale dinners and business-casual events, casual suits effortlessly bridge the gap between relaxed and put-together. They're the go-to choice for striking a balance between an elegant appearance and ease of movement, reflecting a modern man's sensibility for fashion that adapts to his lifestyle.

Choose Us for Exquisite Personalised Style

Discover what sets Common Suits apart as a premier destination for bespoke casual suits in Singapore:

Unparalleled Craftsmanship Our masterful craftsmen, boasting a combined experience of over 200 years, employ meticulous hand-cut and handcraft techniques to curate our men's tailored casual suits. This approach guarantees an infusion of unparalleled artistry, an unwavering commitment to detail, and a natural drape that elevates both comfort and style to extraordinary levels.
Premium Fabrics & Materials We maintain a close and ongoing partnership with the world's most prestigious fabric mills, including renowned names like Loro Piana, Zegna, Scabal, Fratelli Piacenza, Holland & Sherry, and many others. Our craftsmen work extensively with these exclusive fabrics, instilling them with confidence and the expertise to handle superfine materials. Among the treasures in our collection are Vicuna, Cashmere, Silk, and Super 200s Wool, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. This unwavering commitment to quality lays the groundwork for our custom suits that not only exude exceptional style but also endure the test of time.
Exquisite Customisation Our team collaborates closely with you throughout the tailoring journey, ensuring a casual suit that perfectly aligns with your unique style and preferences. From tailor-made trousers to coats and collared shirts, we make sure to craft your suit to fit your build and preference.

Choosing the Right Men’s Casual Suit

When it comes to selecting the perfect casual suit for men, several factors contribute to achieving a refined yet relaxed look that suits your style.

Fabric Type and Weight

One of the foremost considerations in choosing a men's casual suit is the fabric type and weight. Opt for breathable materials like lightweight open-weave wool silk linen blends—a choice that not only exudes a linen-like appearance but also possesses natural crease resistance. For crafting the perfect casual summer suit, look for fabrics weighing between 190gm to 260gm. It's essential to note that the lighter the fabric, the more technically demanding it becomes. And at Common Suits, we specialise in constructing suits tailored to the hot and humid climate of Singapore, making us experts in handling these light and breathable fabrics with precision and finesse.

Fit and Tailoring

The fit of your casual suit plays a pivotal role in achieving a polished appearance. A well-tailored suit enhances your physique and exudes confidence. Prioritise suits with a proportionate, flattering, and well-balanced fit, ensuring a sleek silhouette without compromising on comfort. Professional tailoring ensures that the suit aligns perfectly with your body, avoiding any baggy or overly tight areas.

Popular Styles and Colours

When it comes to styles and colours, casual suits offer a range of options to match various occasions and personal preferences. Classic options like navy and charcoal grey are versatile choices that work for both daytime and evening events. Lighter shades, such as sand, oatmeal, or tobacco browns, are perfect for a relaxed summer look. Additionally, consider patterns like subtle checks or pinstripes for a touch of personality while maintaining a refined appearance.

Our Bespoke Tailoring Process

This is what you can expect when you have your casual suit tailor-made at Common Suits.


Have a one-on-one consultation with our consultant to discuss your specific requirements for your casual suit. Choose from our selection of fabric samples at our showroom. Our expert consultant will also be providing you with recommendations on cloth styles, cut, and fit after taking your measurements.


The process of designing your casual suit begins with a keen understanding of your preferences and style. Our team collaborates closely with you, ensuring that every detail, from fabric choice to lapel style, aligns perfectly with your vision. We take your input to heart, resulting in a design that truly reflects your individuality.


The basted fitting marks an essential stage where you don the initial draft of your garment. Our consultant and tailor will take your build into consideration, seeking the ideal fit. This fitting is a foundation upon which further refinements are made, ensuring the suit drapes flawlessly over your physique. Your valued feedback also plays a significant role in modifying the fit according to your preferences. Subsequent fittings hinge on the outcome of this pivotal session, and if alterations are minimal, we may proceed directly to final production.

Pick Up

During this appointment, you'll try on the completed suit to ensure a flawless appearance. We will meticulously assess the fit and look for any minor tweaks needed. If everything aligns seamlessly, your bespoke journey comes to fruition. In the case of slight adjustments, we commit to completing them within 3-5 days, tailored to the complexity of alterations required.

Post-Purchase Benefit - As a post-purchase benefit, Common Suits offers complimentary alterations within one month from the collection date. This service ensures that your suit maintains its impeccable fit, guaranteeing your satisfaction long after you walk out the door.

English/Italian Fabric




S$ 1699


Suits from $1,699 (full canvas +$300)

Pants from $350




S$ 259


Shirts from $259




S$ 350


Vests from $350

In-House Fabric




S$ 179


Shirts from $179





S$ 249


Pants from $249

Caring for Your Men’s Casual Suits

Preserving the longevity and appearance of your men's casual suits requires thoughtful care. Here are the best practices to ensure your suits remain in impeccable condition, allowing you to look your best on any occasion.

Dry Cleaning vs. Hand Washing

When it comes to cleaning your casual suits, the choice between dry cleaning and hand washing is crucial. Dry cleaning is a reliable option for removing stains and refreshing the fabric without causing damage. However, some fabrics, like wool, are better suited for professional dry cleaning to maintain their shape and texture.

On the other hand, hand washing can be considered for certain fabrics like cotton or linen. When hand washing, use mild detergents and lukewarm water, gently agitating the garment before air-drying it flat.

Remember, the fabric and its care instructions play a vital role in deciding the most suitable cleaning method for your casual suit. Always consult with our professionals if you're unsure.

Have Your Casual Suit Custom Made by Common Suits

Frequently Asked Questions About Casual Suits

What is the difference between formal and casual suits?

Formal suits are designed for more upscale events, characterised by their structured appearance, dark colours, and finer fabrics like pure wool/wool silk blends/wool cashmere blends/pure cashmere/Vicuna. They often include matching vests and are accompanied by dress shirts, ties, and polished shoes. In contrast, casual suits exude a relaxed elegance. They employ lighter fabrics, versatile colours, and softer constructions. These suits can be dressed down with open-collar shirts or even t-shirts, making them suitable for semi-formal occasions or dressing up for a casual event while maintaining comfort and individuality.

How do you dress in a casual suit?

The key to flaunting a casual suit is to focus on creating a balanced yet nonchalant and laid-back look. Opt for breathable fabrics like lightweight wool, cotton, or linen. Choose a tailored fit for a contemporary silhouette. Depending on the formality, pair the suit with a dress shirt and tie, or experiment with open-collar shirts, one piece collar shirts or t-shirts for a more relaxed vibe. Enhance the ensemble with well-chosen accessories like a leather belt, stylish shoes, and a complementary pocket square.
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