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Approx. 60 mins

Get a personal consultation for your specific requirements. Whether you need suits for work, your wedding or casual outfits for the weekend, we are happy to help guide you through the process.


Choose from over 1,000 fabric samples at our showroom, and we can also advise you on cloth styles, cut and fit after getting your measurements taken.


Approx. 30 mins

The basted fitting is where you get to try the first draft of your garment. Your body will be examined in detail to find the perfect fit for you.


The fitting can be further fine-tuned so it drapes perfectly over your body. You may also provide feedback to modify the fit to your liking.


First fitting usually takes place

in 2-3 weeks from the first consultation (timeline may vary depending on seasonality and production queue).

First fitting

Approx. 30 mins

Subsequent fittings will depend on how well the first fitting went.


We may go straight to the final production if there is not much to be changed from the first fitting.


Basted fitting

Subsequent fitting

Approx. 30 mins

During this session, you will try on the completed product and we will check if any tweaks are necessary to ensure it looks perfect.


If no changes are required, your bespoke process is now complete!

If there are still minor tweaks to be done, it is expected to be done in 3-5 days (depending on complexity of alteration required).

Post-purchase benefit

Common Suits customers get to enjoy free alterations within 1 month from the date of collection.


Final fitting

Pick Up
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