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    New Arrival
    Vicuna Cashmere Blend Grey Prince of Wales Suit
    A 6 by 1 double breasted suit in classic Prince of Wales design. Fabric is a luxurious blend of w
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    New Arrival
    Steel Green Suit
    One of the all-time favourite by our customers - The Steel Green Suit. Super 110s wool by Vitale Bar
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    Wide Stripes in Blue Double Breasted
    Super 140s wide stripes on Navy. 100% Wool. Fabric is by Caccioppoli.

Tailored Double Breasted Suits in Singapore

Are you looking for a distinctive, sophisticated style of men's suits in Singapore? Discover the classic elegance of tailored double breasted suits for men at Common Suits. Expertly crafted to fit your style, these suits offer a timeless look that stands out in any setting.

What is a Double Breasted Suit?

A double breasted suit is a classic and sophisticated option for men looking for a timeless and elegant outfit. It is characterised by its unique buttoning style and lapel design. Unlike a single-breasted suit, which has a single row of buttons down the front, a double breasted suit features two symmetrical columns of buttons.

The Design of Tailored Double-Breasted Suits

Lapels and Button Configurations

The lapels and button configurations are defining characteristics of double breasted suits. These elements contribute to a distinguished appearance. Whether you prefer a peak lapel for a bolder look or a shawl design for more formal occasions, get your double breasted suit tailored to the style that suits your taste.

Shoulders & Fit

The shoulders and fit of a double breasted suit are essential for a comfortable and appealing look. With our tailored approach, we ensure that the suit complements your body shape, allowing for a sleek silhouette without restricting movement. We offer 3 types of shoulders expressions, such as roped shoulders, spalla camicia shoulders and natural shoulder (no padding).

Pockets and Stance

Pockets and stances are vital design features that provide both function and style. We offer options such as ticket pockets and different stances for tailored double breasted suits to fit various occasions and preferences.

Classic Design vs. Modern Styles

Our collection ranges from classic designs (such as 6x2 double breasted with a lower gorge) that pay homage to the past to contemporary styles (such as a 6 x 1 double breasted with a higher gorge) that reflect the modern man. The choice between a timeless tailored double breasted suit and a trendy one lies in your hands.

Advantages of Tailored Double Breasted Suits

Structure and Flattering Silhouette

Tailored double breasted suits offer a structure that accentuates your body's best features. The fit, customised to your measurements, provides a flattering silhouette that stands out.

Formal Wear for Special Events or Dress Code Requirements

Our men's double breasted suits serve as excellent formal wear for special events or meeting specific dress code requirements. The unique styling of these custom tailored suits ensures a sophisticated presence on any occasion.

Unique Look That Stands Out from Single-Breasted Suits

The double breasted suit design ensures a unique look that sets you apart from single-breasted options. Its design commands attention and exudes confidence.

Versatility to Dress Up or Down with Accessories and Your Personal Style

Whether dressed up with a silk tie or dressed down with a pocket square, our tailored double breasted suits offer flexibility to showcase your personal style.

Fabric Selection for Tailored Double Breasted Suits

From lush wools to precious cashmere and the world's rarest Vicuna, our fabric selection is meticulously curated to provide quality and comfort. The fabric choice further enhances the bespoke nature of a double breasted suit.

Custom Tailoring Process for Your Double-Breasted Suits

Personal Consultation

Step into our showroom for a personal consultation to get your double breasted suit tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you want a suit for work, wedding attire, or casual weekend outfits, our custom tailors will help you navigate through over 1,000 fabric samples. We'll assist you with choosing cloth styles, cuts, and fits, ensuring that the double breasted suit we craft aligns perfectly with your expectations.

First and Subsequent Fittings

The first fitting allows you to try the initial draft of your double breasted suit. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that we examine your body to find the perfect fit for you. With the option for further fine-tuning, we can modify the fit to your liking. This first fitting usually occurs 2-3 weeks from the consultation, though the timeline may vary based on seasonality and production queue.

Subsequent fittings provide an opportunity for refinement. Depending on the results of the first fitting, we may proceed directly to the final production if the changes are minimal. Your feedback is invaluable in this phase, as we strive to create a double breasted suit that drapes flawlessly over your frame, creating our signature masculine silhouette.

Final Production

This stage is where your vision truly comes to life. With the fittings complete, we finalise the production, aligning every stitch and detail to your specifications. Our commitment to quality ensures a double breasted suit that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Pick Up

At the pickup session, you'll try on your completed double breasted suit, and we'll assess if any minor tweaks are necessary to achieve perfection. If no changes are required, your bespoke process is complete. Should any more alterations be needed, expect them to be done in 3-5 days, depending on the complexity of the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Breasted Suits in Singapore

Which is better: double breasted or single-breasted suits?

The choice between double breasted and single-breasted suits depends on personal preference and the occasion. Double breasted suits offer a more formal, traditional look with overlapping front flaps and symmetrical rows of buttons. Single-breasted suits are versatile and more commonly worn, with a single row of buttons. The best choice will align with your style, body shape, and the event's requirements.

What is the jacket buttoning rule for double breasted suits?

Double breasted suits typically have a specific buttoning rule to maintain their unique appearance. Generally, all buttons except the bottom one are fastened. The inside button, known as the “anchor button”, helps keep the jacket's shape. The exact rules might vary with different designs, but this classic method ensures a polished look, showcasing the suit's distinctive style and structure.

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