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    Charcoal Three Piece Suit
    Three Piece Charcoal Suit in 100% wool. Fabric is by Vitale Barberis Canonico. All-time classic for

Bespoke 3-Piece Suit for Men

Uncover refined sophistication through Common Suits' tailored 3-piece suits for men, uniting age-old craftsmanship with contemporary fashion elements. Each ensemble in this line aims to accentuate the masculine silhouette while prioritising comfort and adaptability for various social and professional engagements.

What is a 3-Piece Suit?

A 3-piece suit is a coordinated ensemble consisting of a jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat, all tailored from the same fabric. Common Suits takes this classic arrangement to new heights by infusing our designs with three cornerstone elements: masculinity, timelessness, and modernity.

Why Wear a 3-Piece Suit?

Investing in a 3-piece suit from Common Suits is not just a fashion choice—it's a lifestyle decision. The extra waistcoat layer provides a polished and refined look, setting you apart from a crowd dressed in 2-piece suits. Additionally, the waistcoat has functional benefits: it keeps your tie in place and adds warmth during cooler seasons.

Recommended Occasions for 3-Piece Suits

Our 3-piece suits for men are an excellent choice for various significant life events, including weddings, job interviews, and special evening events. Their adaptability allows for a seamless shift from formal to semi-formal occasions, especially since some are crafted with exquisite Loro Piana fabrics renowned for their Italian craftsmanship. Alternatively, for a more relaxed look, wearers can even opt for the waistcoat and pants combination without the jacket.

Types of 3-Piece Suits for Men

Notch Lapel 3-Piece Suit

The Notch Lapel is your go-to for any business or casual setting. It's a versatile style that can easily transit from the boardroom to a dinner date. Noted for its triangular lapel that creates a notch where it meets the collar, this design is a staple in business attire and social gatherings alike. Whether you are leading a meeting or joining a casual dinner, the Notch Lapel evokes a sense of understated sophistication, making it the ideal choice for those who seek versatility in their wardrobe.

Peak Lapel 3-Piece Suit

Peak Lapels offer a slightly more formal look for men, making them perfect for weddings or high-profile business events. If you aim to infuse a degree of sophistication into your ensemble, the Peak Lapel 3-piece suit is a worthy contender. Distinguished by its upwardly pointed lapel edges, the Peak Lapel is often a feature of double-breasted suits but adds a dash of authority and luxury to 3-piece suits.

Shawl Lapel 3-Piece Suit

The Shawl Lapel is the symbol of formalwear, ideal for black-tie events. Characterised by its rounded, uninterrupted lapel that exudes a softer aesthetic, the Shawl Lapel is a quintessential choice for black-tie events, formal receptions, and operas. The absence of sharp angles offers a more fluid, sophisticated appearance, lending an air of timeless sophistication and elegance to your look.

Fabrics and Textures of a 3-Piece Suit

Fabrics and textures are essential in the comfort and durability of your 3-piece suit.

Pure Wool 3-Piece Suit

Crafted from natural fibres, these suits offer superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties compared to synthetic materials like polyester. The refined pure wool used exudes a luxurious sheen, ensuring you make a sophisticated statement on any occasion.

Wool Silk Linen Blend 3-Piece Suit

When only the best will do, our Italian wool blends from top-tier fabric mills bring an additional layer of luxury and comfort. This unique material blends silk with wool and linen yarns, enhancing its crease-resistant properties. While it shares high-twist wool's elasticity, crease repellence and odour resistance, the addition of silk offers a luxurious feel.

Patterned 3-Piece Suit

Whether it's the classic pinstripes, sophisticated checks, timeless herringbone, or bold houndstooth, these tailored 3-piece suits add an extra layer of personality to your ensemble. With textured jackets that draw the eye, you'll make a statement even without a tie or pocket square.

Timeless Colours for a 3-Piece Suit

Charcoal Grey 3-Piece Suit

The charcoal grey 3-piece suit is your versatile, go-anywhere option. It pairs well with almost any shirt and tie combination.

Navy Blue 3-Piece Suit

Navy Blue is the choice for those who want to exude trust and sophistication. It's a colour that holds its own in virtually any setting.

Custom Tailoring Process for You

Our custom tailoring process at Common Suits is meticulously crafted to meet your needs.

Personal Consultation

Our experienced tailors will consult you to understand your requirements, body shape, and style preferences.

First Fitting, Subsequent Fitting

During these sessions, minor adjustments are made to ensure the custom made suit fits you perfectly.

Final Production

Once we have all the specifications and fittings perfect, your custom-tailored 3-piece suit moves into final production.

Pick Up

You'll be invited to Common Suits for a final fitting before taking your new 3-piece suit home.

Tailored 3-Piece Suit Pricing

Pricing for our bespoke 3-piece suits varies depending on the fabric and customisations. Please refer to our pricing guide for more details on our pricing structure.

Customer Questions About 3-Piece Suits

Is a 3-piece suit too formal for work?

While a 3-piece suit is traditionally considered formal, you can adapt it for work. For example, opt for lighter fabrics and colours to create a more relaxed vibe. You can also consider a contrasting vest, such as pairing a checked vest with a solid navy suit, or even go without the waistcoat for a stylish, less formal look that suits the office environment. Our suits are also constructed with South East Asia’s climatic challenges in mind. We’ve innovated an extremely soft and breathable construction without compromising on the structural integrity of the suit.

What is the difference between a 2-piece and 3-piece suit?

While a 2-piece suit comprises only a jacket and trousers, a 3-piece suit includes an additional waistcoat. The waistcoat adds an extra layer of sophistication and versatility to your ensemble.

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