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    Black Tuxedo
    Black Tuxedo in Pure Wool. Fabric is by Vitale Barberis Canonico. Full canvas construction.
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    Luxurious Green Velvet Tuxedo
    Top: Luxurious Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket in peak lapel. Bottom: Super 150s Loro Piana Black tuxed

Elegant Tuxedo Suits in Singapore

Embrace the epitome of class with our elegant tuxedo suits. As Singapore's premier destination for bespoke tuxedo creations, we, at Common Suits, believe in timeless elegance that transcends mere fashion trends. A tuxedo is more than a suit; it's a symbol of prestige and sophistication. Whether you're attending a black-tie event or celebrating a special occasion, buy tuxedo suits from our collection that offer unrivalled quality and style.

What is a Tuxedo?

A tuxedo suit, often referred to simply as a “tux,” is the epitome of formal evening wear, making it a necessity when the dress code is 'Black Tie'. Characterised by satin or silk lapels, a tuxedo is distinguished from a traditional suit and is a must-have in every gentleman's wardrobe. In Singapore, a tuxedo represents not just a garment, but an emblem of elegance.

Creating A Luxurious Bespoke Tuxedo

Designing a custom tuxedo is a meticulous process as it involves various customisation options.

Tuxedo Lapel Styles

From peak to shawl lapels, as custom tailors in Singapore, we craft each tuxedo with attention to detail, ensuring that the lapel style complements your unique taste.

Tuxedo Colours

Black, midnight blue, or unconventional hues; choose from a spectrum of colours for your bespoke tuxedo, allowing you to make a personalised statement. You can also explore unique expressions like white, ivory, or jacquard tuxedo jackets paired with classic black tuxedo pants.

Tuxedo Fabrics

Silk, wool, a blend, or even luxurious velvets; choose the fabric that aligns with your comfort and style for your custom tuxedo.

Tuxedo Button Styles

Whether a single-button or a tailored double breasted suit, we offer various tuxedo button styles, reflecting sophistication and individuality.

Tuxedo Neckwear

A tuxedo suit is incomplete without the perfect neckwear. We guide you in selecting the right option; typically self-tie bow ties.

Tuxedo Pants

Our bespoke tuxedo includes tailor-made trousers, creating a harmonious silhouette that epitomises grace. These tuxedo pants, without turn-up cuffs, can also be tailored to feature a silk or satin strip on the side, with options for pleated or flat front styles.

Custom Tailoring Process for Your Bespoke Tuxedo Suit

Personal Consultation

Beginning with a personal consultation, we're here to guide you for your bespoke tuxedo suit. Whether you desire a tuxedo for a special event or a wedding, our expert tailors in Singapore ensure that your needs are met. During this time, we'll present over 1,000 fabric samples at our showroom, advising you on cloth styles, cut, and fit. Your measurements will be carefully taken to create a suit that’s truly yours.

First and Subsequent Fittings

Your first fitting provides a unique opportunity to try on the initial draft of your tuxedo suit. Our tailor will examine your body in detail, making precise adjustments to ensure the perfect fit. This is the moment for fine-tuning, where the fit can be further refined to drape perfectly over your body. This first fitting typically takes place 2-3 weeks after the consultation, depending on our production queue. 

Subsequent fittings are part of our commitment to precision and perfection. Depending on the outcome of the first fitting, we may proceed directly to the final production of the tuxedo suit or continue to make adjustments. If the changes needed are minor, the final production phase is just around the corner.

Final Production

The final production phase is where your tuxedo truly comes to life, transforming from an idea and carefully crafted pattern into a tangible expression of elegance and style. Our skilled tailors use their years of experience and expertise to ensure every stitch, seam, and detail aligns with the vision defined in your personal consultation and fittings.


The time has come to try on the completed masterpiece. During this session, we'll make any final tweaks if necessary to ensure everything looks perfect. If no changes are required, your bespoke tuxedo is ready to wear! If you require any more adjustments, they will be completed within 3-5 days, depending on the complexity of the alterations required.

Bespoke Tuxedo Pricing

Investing in a bespoke tuxedo is more than a mere purchase; it's an expression of individual elegance and style. Our establishment proudly offers a selection of English/Italian fabrics, with suits starting from S$1,699 (full canvas +S$300), shirts from S$259, pants from S$350, and vests from S$350. We also provide more budget-friendly in-house fabric options, with shirts from S$179 and pants from S$249. All prices are nett, reflecting our transparent approach to cost.

We believe that a bespoke tuxedo is a personalised journey that reflects your individuality. Therefore, we invite you to visit our showroom for detailed pricing and consultation.

Frequently Questions About Tuxedos in Singapore

How long does it take to tailor a tuxedo?

The process of tailoring a tuxedo is a meticulous and careful task that requires time to ensure perfection. At Common Suits, it begins with a personal consultation that lasts approximately 60 minutes, followed by a first fitting session that typically takes place 2-3 weeks from the initial consultation. Subsequent fittings may be required, and the timeline for these can vary. The final production stage will then commence, culminating in a pick-up session. If there are minor tweaks needed, they are expected to be completed in 3-5 days. Whether you are looking for a tuxedo, a 2-piece suit or a tailored 3-piece suit, the timeframe can vary based on individual requirements and complexity.

How tight should a tuxedo fit?

A well fitted tuxedo should fit the wearer in a clean and flattering manner, while still allowing the wearer to be mobile without restricting movement. The fit should be tailored to the individual, allowing ease in the shoulders and chest while hugging the waist. Proper fitting ensures an elegant appearance and a confident feel for any formal occasion.

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